Systems based on several facets of the horse. Those here are what are the most popular ones, and they’ve done the rounds in one form or another.


This system relies on backing horses that were favorite and were defeated. Many let you back beaten favorites that have a consistent form line (wins and places) and are rushing in exactly the same class as they’ve been competing. One system I prefer is to back defeated favorites that last raced in heavy moving or are rushing in a space 400 meters (two furlongs) shorter or longer than their final race. Because the horse will improve on its initial run what backing a horse that was a favorite in its start next time it runs is a system.


The”horses for courses” system is nearly as old as racing itself with literally dozens of factors of the classic system and why not to there is little doubt that lots of horses require a liking for several classes and dislike others.’


There are strategies based financing top-weights providing they meet specific criteria such as they won last time out and are chosen to win by a certain number of their paper tipsters. There’s not any doubt that top-weights do win their fair share of races, but it’s getting the balance right because very often it’s the weight which beats horses, as they say, “Weight can stop a train”. You can do a lot worse than follow a system based on it.


There are lots of taking the horse tipped the times from the panel of paper selectors or betting. These programs are fine if you don’t mind backing the preferred. Just like other kinds of systems, there is normally a list of criteria before a horse can be regarded as a bet, for example should have won at a distance in a particular number of times etc..

The form is the common denominator, and besides, this is the yardstick by which punters judge the winning opportunities of a horse. There are a whole lot of factors, but a system can help when you’ve got the self-discipline to stay with 33, you acquire. My”Winning Factors” eBook examines 13 variables which may influence the outcome of horse races.

Lastly, in any live match in any sport, there are bets like online betting to determine which side will Lastly, in any live match in any sport, there is a bet such as betting online to determine which side will win. If the betting party wins, they will get the money they made. On the web, there are many online gambling sites; pointbet deposit bonuses are one of the online sites.